How it all started end of 2019

Our original idea of creating a vegan pastry book that would challenge, guide and motivate professionals to make the transition to plant-based pastry, soon led to the conclusion that existing alternatives to butter and creams were not up to scratch. So, rather than stop, we decided to create our own plant-based ingredients for pastry. 


End of 2021, with our partner Royal Smilde Foods, we have created and launched the perfect plant-based butter alternative for artisanal and industrial use.


We blend art and science with the aim to create plant-based alternatives to make better pastry. To take the best characteristics of animal-derived ingredients and to lose the bad ones. Starting with cow-butter it took us 2 years of ….. optimising and more testing and reformulations. And then finally,  the sable has become delicious.

From our kitchen to the factory of Royal Smilde

Being happy with our recipe, we approached Royal Smilde to optimize our recipe into a plant-butter that is reliable, scaleable and affordable with IFS quality. Together we exist to support artisan and brand in their transition to quality plant-based pastry.

Be Better offers pastry professionals the luxury of choice

With pure taste and a clear conscience, Be Better plant-butter gives pastry chefs the means to create pastry that balance their love of planet and pastry.