Technical q&a

1. Can we do everything with Be Better plant-butter that we could with a traditional cow butter?

  • We can make all applications with Be Better plant-butter, except 'buerre noisette' as there aren't any milk solids required for caramel.


  • We highly recommend using Be Better plant-butter sheets for croissants and puff pastry to obtain a better texture, and the Be Better plant-butter blocks for any other application.

2. What is the best way to work with be better plant-butter?

American cookie style recipes

  • We recommend using directly from the fridge.


Brioche and dough recipes

  • We recommend using directly from the fridge.


Butter cream

(for Italian meringue)

  • We recommend using directly from the fridge.


Sable and softer doughs

  • We recommend taking Be Better plant-butter out of the fridge a couple of hours before using it to make mixing easier.


Be Better plant-butter sheets

  • Once folded in the dough, the recommend temperature to work at is 5 °C or more to avoid cracking of the Be Better plant-butter when rolling out.


Butter creams

  • When you start adding the butter, it may initially look like the butter is separating and won't obtain a perfect emulsion, however the friction (mixing) of the emulsifying process will be activated.
  • Start adding Be Better plant-butter to an Italian meringue when the meringue reaches 32 °C


Colouring during baking

  • Since Be Better plant-butter contains no colouring or milk solids (caramelisation) the results will achieve slightly less intense colour during baking. 
  • To achieve enough colour for sables & crispy cookies we suggest baking for a couple of minutes longer
  • For softer preparation like American cookies and cakes we suggest baking at 5 °C higher than normal.


Lemon and other fruit creams

  • We suggest adding the Be Better plant-butter at 32 °C, and blending well.
  • When lacking an emulsion, reheat slightly and continue mixing well to obtain a good emulsion.


Caramal, fruit caramels and chocolate caramels

  • We recommend adding the Be Better plant-butter below 55 °C - 60 °C to obtain a better emulsion and blend.