We believe the future of food is plant-based and it is time we stop its pastry's dependency on its animal-based foundations. Be Better My Friend offers affordable plant-based alternatives with zero compromise on quality and taste.

1:1 replacement

We know that creating pastry is complex and you can’t afford the time and money to re-calculate your recipes, to change the process and to retrain your staff. With Be Better plant-butter nothing changes, except the butter.

Better Quality

We love pastry and we know you do to. That is why we carefully designed our plant-butter to ensure it has a similar melting behaviour and a mouthfeel that is as rich as animal-butter, yet more fresh, light and clean. And you will love its whipping capacity.

better taste

The planet has so much diversity of flavours to enjoy. This is why we offer a sustainable, plant-based butter with a neutral taste. Find out how it will boost the fine flavours of fruits, spices and chocolate.

Better Planet

Be Better plant-butter is 100% made of plants, it contains no palm, no soy, no hydrogenated fats, no artificial colouring and no artificial flavouring. And so you know, we emit 69% less CO2 and use 85% less water then cow-butter.

Our original idea was to create the bible of vegan pastry end of 2019. soon however we came to the conclusion that existing alternatives to butter and creams were not up to scratch. so, rather then stop here, we decided to create our own plant-based ingredients for pastry.

Vegetable oils and fats (shea, organic coconut, sunflower), water, emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, sunflower lecithin, acid, citric acid,natural flavour.

Free from: artificial colours and flavours, soy, palm, nuts, gmo, gluten, wheat, rye, barley, oat, spelt, kamut, crustaceans, egg, fish, milk, celery, mustard, sesame, lupin, molluscs.

Today, with our production partner ROYAL SMILDE FOODS, and after 2 years of meticulous testing, we have launched our first product of more to come: the perfect plant-butter.

Be Better plant-butter promises a 1:1 replacement of animal-butter with zero compromise on texture and mouthfeel. And a Better taste, a Better profit and a Better planet.

We continue to design revolutionary new ingredients. Now we are working on a plant-based cooking and whipping cream. And a special plant-butter sheet for croissants.

Eaternity scores

Be Better Plant-Butter vs Cow-Butter​

Eaternity Score of the product Be Better Butter for all 3 packagings (500g, 2.5kg and 10kg). The product receives the best rating (3 stars) in all the categories: climate, water, animal welfare and rainforest!

Daniela Baumann

  LCA Expert & Key Accounts

Be Better Butter produces 375 gCO2e/100g, whereas cow-butter 1211 gCO2e/100g. This means that Be Better Butter emits 69% less CO2 than butter from the cow! As for the water footprint, Be Better Butter uses 4.5 L scarce water/100g whereas butter produced in the Netherlands 30.6 L. This means that Be Better Butter has a 85% better water footprint than cow-butter!


Discover the essential pastry recipes and find out yourself how easy it is to change from cow-butter to Be Better plant-butter. And find out yourself how it will make your pastry taste better.

Be Better Distributors

For us, choosing the right distributor has been as important as choosing the best ingredients for our products. Knowledge, dedication, involvement in a sustainable future… Everything counts, everything helps to create a better world.


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